Thriving Autism Families

Self Care Matters For Autism Moms: Part 2

September 08, 2022 Crystal Sanford Season 3 Episode 7
Thriving Autism Families
Self Care Matters For Autism Moms: Part 2
Show Notes

Self care matters! It’s cliche but so true, especially for moms of children on the autism spectrum. In this episode, life coach and autism mom Octavia Walker walks us through her inspiring story which led her to open her life coaching practice ( Get tips and action steps for today!

Octavia Walker
Octavia Walker is the mother of two children and a son with autism. Octavia left her media sales career to become the founder and life coach of Getting By Is Not Enough. Moms of children with disabilities rely on her first hand experience and strategic solutions to learn how to become the best advocate for their child, develop a strong support team, and live out their own heartfelt dreams and purpose. She offers personal coaching to help Moms create a roadmap that focuses on their strengths so they can have the confidence and peace of mind to take care of their family and themselves by building a life they truly deserve and desire.

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Crystal Sanford, M.Ed.. M.A. CCC-SLP
Crystal is the owner and director of the Sanford Autism Advocacy Group, LLC (, a consulting practice offering IEP advocacy and parent empowerment classes for fellow Autism families throughout the U.S. To learn more about IEP assistance and help advocating for the special education your child deserves, contact our team at For San Diego families, Crystal has also opened the Sanford Speech & Learning Center (, offering speech therapy and social groups for children of all abilities.

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